Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doing the Math

Ok, because I suffered such a debilitating gain last week I am trying to be extra super careful this week about what I eat. I must figure out why I am gaining weight.

Monday morning: 161.6 lbs

Food for Monday:
Breakfast: 3 pieces of Turkey Bacon (pan fried) - 90cal
                1 medium egg (pan fried) - 95cal
Lunch: 1 Qdoba naked pork burrito w/ veggies, pinto beans, guac, lettuce, tomatoes - 490cal
Snack: 1 slice of sharp chedar cheese - 100 cal
            6pcs Trader Joe's green bean snack - 55cal
Dinner: 2 cups Shrimp Stir-Fry w/ broccoli, carrots, green beans, and mushrooms - 255cal

Total = 1085cal (Calories in)
Approximate basal metabolic rate = 1552.4cal (Calories out)
Cal in - Cal out = 1085 -1552.4 = -467.4 cal
467.4 cal / 3500 cal per lb = .13lbs burned

So if I technically lost .13 lbs today, my scale should read about 161.4 (it goes in .2s). Jump on the scale this morning convinced I'm back on track. It reads162.6!!!

What? I gained another lb??? WHERE DID THE EXTRA 3500CAL COME FROM??!?!?! Is someone feeding me bacon grease intravenously while I sleep? What on earth is going on here. To all of you "experts" out there convinced weightloss = cal in - cal out please explain this phenomena to me, because I'm super curious.

I'm about 5 steps away from just eating a dang piece of cheesecake and just calling it even. My body obviously doesn't care to lose weight as much as my brain does. I wish I could figure this out, it has got my head spinning.

Does anyone else see large unexplained gains after "good" days? Please tell me I'm not alone here.


  1. Big sniffles on your "car face" comment. I hate how people don't think before they speak. It's one thing if you call yourself a name, but it's a whole other thing if someone else comes up with a nickname. I'm so sorry.

    Don't worry though. You're looking GREAT and smokin' on all fronts. And I still think you're friggin' phenomenal for posing in a bikini for your progress pics. It's SOOOOOO inspiring (and you're looking SO GREAT!).

  2. It could be alot of things...excess sodium intake, not drinking enough water, hormonal issues (AF), lack of execise, new medications, etc...

    Don't worry about it so much, just do follow your plan and the weight will come off ! Plus, don't be so HARD on yourself either.

    Hang in there !

  3. Perhaps you are not eating enough and your body is holding on to everything. Just a guess on my part. Try increasing your breakfast. I have 2 slices of turkey bacon, 1 egg and 1/2 cup egg whites with veggies for breakfast. Maybe the cheese is throwing you off and I am not sure about the green beans. If you need a snack have a bit of almond butter with cinnamon mixed in. The other thing I noticed in all my years of dieting is that sometimes it takes the body a while to adjust weight wise. You could eat practically nothing and gain or eat quite a bit and loose the next day. Don't sweat the daily weigh ins, just focus on your eating plan and I bet things will fall into place (even if it takes a week or so).

  4. How often are you checking the scales? I went through a similar thing where the scales werent showing what I was expecting and I ended up weighing myself everyday constantly. In the end I had to stop myself doing that and weigh myself once a week at roughly the same time wearing the same things and trust that what I was doing would work in the long run, which i'm glad to say it has.