Thursday, May 12, 2011


It seems like it has been forever since I made a non-weigh in post. I feel fairly guilty for that, because I don't want to send the message that my journey is all about results. It isn't. To me it is about challenging myself to be a better me. About accepting, and loving the person I am and improving my health, attitude, and general outlook on life.

For the past few weeks I had been struggling with that aspect of my journey. Since I wasn't seeing results on the scale I was convinced I had no results period, and that simply wasn't true. I mean just look at this picture I took a couple of weeks ago.

Yup! Those are my meaty thighs and muscular calfs wearing tights and boots.

I mean if you have ever tried to put on tights and wear them comfortably as an overweight or obese lady you know why they haven't been a part of my wardrobe for the past 6 years. And don't even get me started on the woes of boot shopping with large calfs. I mean started and named my blog after an embarrassing boot shopping experience.

Who would have known, two things that  5 months ago I was almost positive I could never wear - I'm wearing!

Everyday I am gaining confidence in myself and the things I can do. I look in the mirror and smile, I decide to try on clothes even if they might not fit. I feel happier and it gives me great hope for the future and what it will bring. This journey is about so much more then results.


  1. I think you look amazing in your tights. I carry a lot of weight in my thighs so I'm always self conscious about my legs. I find running and exercise has helped tone them considerably!

    I need to get colored tights. The only ones I have are black! These look SO beautiful.

    Congratulations on your NSV! My post today was talking about NSVs too!

  2. I smiled so big when reading this post. I love it! I love that you're seeing changes and feeling more confident. It's so motivating, isn't it? :)

  3. You're right. It is so much more than just results. I think the hardest part is the mental bit. Really. No lie.

    You are looking amazing! I can't wait to have your "meaty thighs" and to wear tights. YOU are an inspiration!

  4. That is awesome that you are wearing tights AND boots! I'm hoping to wear tall boots someday. And not the kind that are made with super large calf area.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Thank god you're wearing tights! When I saw your purple legs, I thought you'd gone to the extreme and overdosed on beetroot.

    It's an amazing feeling when we get a NSV isnt it? You fully deserve all the rewards you're getting because you're doing fantastic. Keep up the good work Ellie! :)