Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weight Loss and Television

Now, I have to admit, I am a huge "weight loss show" junkie. Any show that has anything to do with the contestants losing weight and transforming their bodies - I must watch it. I am like an addict to results, something about seeing someone transform in front of my eyes is like candy to me.

I'm sure most of you have either watched or at least heard of "The Biggest Loser", "Heavy", "I Used to be Fat", "Shedding for the Wedding", "Dance Your @$$ Off" (like 2 years ago now), "Celebrity Fit Club", "Ruby" and even "Dancing with the Stars" (Hello, did you see Kelly Osborne's transformation?!?!). It seems sort of obsessive when I list them out like that.

I just really adore being able to relate to the contestants and be inspired by them. Which is funny because at 185lbs some time 3 years ago I would sit down on the couch and watch the shows while shoveling chips down my gullet or making an entire package of Oreo cookies disappear. Luckily, I am no longer like that, I use the shows for entertainment and encouragement.

Sometimes I wish the shows would focus better on the HOW of it all, I mean 11 seasons into "The Biggest Loser" and the only thing you get from it is to eat Jenny-O Turkey Bacon, Subway and drink Brita water. I suppose you could copy some of the exercises you see the contestants doing, but they aren't really informative to viewers.

Anyways, the whole point of this post was a mini rant, so here goes:

*******************************SPOILER ALERT*******************************

Oh my goodness, last night's episode of The Biggest Loser made me so upset. I felt so bad for Courtney, I really thought she had what it takes to win the entire show, and it has just been really really sad to watch her results dwindle like they had. I was positive that she could lose at least 2 lbs, my heart goes out to her. I know she will finish strong and probably have amazing results to show at the finale but really. It is just disappointing to see her struggle like that.

I know it sounds bad but it almost makes me feel OK about my own struggles, like gaining .2 last week. I mean I was griping about how frustrated I was that my body was so reluctant to give away fat when I am still at least 20 lbs away from a "good weight". She is still in the 200's and has difficulty. But it still makes me angry about the whole stigma that shows, or weight loss experts, and health professionals always preach "Calories in  versus Calories out". It clearly is not as cut and dry as that, and until people realize it and find the REAL equation to fat loss for their own personal body they will continue to have frustrations, just like me, and just like Courtney.

I think one of the things that upset me the most last night was Bret going home. I really liked Bret as a trainer, and really hope that this isn't the end for him. He was just super unlucky with weigh-ins, I don't think he failed at all. In fact at the beginning of the season when everyone was skeptical about getting him as a trainer I said everyone was insane because the trainer doesn't have any magic secrets, any trainer can get you into shape, all they need to do is push you to do better then you think you can (and he certainly did that). I mean Bob and Jillian aren't the masterminds behind every massive weight loss journey in the world - just look at the trainers on "Heavy" and "I Used to be Fat". I would hate to see people think that having the right trainer is the secret, or that Bret is not good at what he does because his contestants couldn't stay in the competition.

****************************END SPOILER ALERT****************************

So I guess my moral of the story is to use the shows as inspiration and motivation. Having a personal trainer is great but it isn't the secret to weight lose. Which also brings me to the point that nutrition is really the biggest and most important part of weight loss. Exercise is important, but without proper nutrition you will never reach your goals. And the most frustrating thing is that it isn't always as simple as "calories in minus calories out". You have to figure out the right formula for your own body to optimize your own weight loss but when you simplify it down to the nuts and bolts of it calories in - calories out is the big picture. Don't get frustrated and discouraged with bad weeks or the tiny details, because as long as you stick to your plan you will eventually get to where you need to be.


  1. I love watching those shows too because it keeps me motivated. I love finding inspiration everywhere and TV is one of them! I aim to use my weighted hula-hoop when I watch tv too or some floor stretching.. so I'm not tempted to snack!

    :) have a great wednesday

  2. I agree with safire! I love the shoes becuase they give you that extra little burst of energy.

  3. I probably should start to watch these TV shows because I usually see 'Biggest Loser' on Sky (cable) in the UK but nobody in my house wants to watch it so I end up missing out. Maybe i'll look up some of these on the internet. What TV show would you say was the best to watch?

  4. Tim, I like The Biggest Loser a lot because it is a competition and it's fun to pick someone to root for, but Heavy is an amazing show about horribly obese people fighting for their life back and is very inspiring. I Used to be Fat features a lot of teenagers who are very relateable losing 50 or so lbs.

    It all depends on what you are looking for, if you just want to see people succeed at weight loss and doing the impossible I would recommended Heavy, if you want to toss a little competition and eliminations in there the Biggest Loser is fun.

  5. Hi Ellie :) I love any show about weight loss as well :) I watched Courtney's transformation last night and I am so proud of her! She has been on quite a journey, an!d it inspires me to keep going... If she can then I can...
    Thank you for keeping up with my blog, I just saw your pictures and want you to know that you look incredible! I can definitely tell that you are making progress!! That swimsuit is looking better every time

  6. i too watch all those shows! I think you have to find the right trainer for you because some personalities do clash. But you are correct they know how to push you that leads to results. Its not that they know a dirtly little secert or have a magic pill. My trainer says: No fitness plan can out run bad nutrition

  7. I had to skip most of this since I have recorded BL but not watched it yet. I never watched until a couple of seasons ago and was surprised at how much I like the show. I hate a lot about it too, truth be told. But I am very inspired by many of the contestants.

  8. I started watching BL a couple of seasons ago and was surprised how it sucked me in. I find the contestants inspiring. Love Courtney. I wanted her to win. What totally impressed me was that when she first did not make it on the show she did not use that as an excuse to do nothing but spent the year losing weight on her own. But, I hate the game playing aspect of the show. Had they not split into three groups, Courtney would still be there.