Friday, April 1, 2011

Wholey Guacamole - Deviled Eggs

I love love love deviled eggs. They are probably one of my favorite holiday/picnic/pot luck foods - so yummy. Well here's a new take on deviled eggs thats a bit more healthy then eggs and mayo. Since avocado has a very creamy and smooth, has a fairly oily texture and a mild flavor it makes a great substitute for mayo on things like sandwiches but why not more?

Guac Deviled Eggs

*Note before you begin. Avocados brown when they are exposed to air, it doesn't ruin the taste but for aesthetics: You should only mix as many as you intend to eat within an 8hr period of time.*

 What you need:

4 Medium/Large Eggs
1 Avocado
1 Lime*Publish Post
Hot sauce of choice (I like chipotle flavored)

*I ran out of limes so I used a lemon. This is less for flavor and more to help prevent the browning of the avocado.

First, hard boil your eggs. Everyone has a different method, I used this one.

Peel your eggs, I find it easiest to do this while they are still warm.

Split your eggs in half lengthwise and remove the yolks.

Save the yolks in a bowl for later.

Cut one avocado into small chunks and mash the chunks with a fork. Squeeze the juice of your lime on top of your avocado mash (to prevent browning) and mix.

Add your avocado chunks to your egg yolks, mix together. If you mash with a fork you will get a chunky texture, for a creamy texture mix in a food processor or with egg beaters.

Add hot sauce, salt and pepper to taste.

Now fill your eggs with your guac/yolk mixture.

I used a pastry bag with an extra large tip, because I like fancy food, but you can use a spoon and dollop it on just the same.

Now doesn't that look fancy!

Douse with additional hot sauce and enjoy!

Serving = 1 egg = 2 halves

1 Egg (78 cal)
1/4 Avocado (69 cal)
Hot sauce (5 cal)

Total = 152 cal

OK - so its not exactly the lowest calorie snack on the face of the earth but it tastes amazing and you can skip the guilt of mayo packed eggs. I'm going to have to experiment with more ways to use avocado - perhaps an avocado egg salad?

(Side note Chubby McGee if you are reading this please send me an invite to your blog, I miss reading all about your adventures, and your successes.)


  1. How I've gone 26 years without ever having a deviled egg I'll never know - but this I HAVE to try!

  2. Oh, yum! I love eggs any way and was just thinking about how to do egg salad without mayo - it's about the same in terms of calories, but I feel better mixing with avocado instead of mayo. Thanks for the idea!

  3. That is a mind-blowingly AWESOME idea!! I love deviled eggs and I love avocado... where is the issue!! There isnt one, so damn, I am on it!! You rock little miss ellie!!

  4. Never heard of a deviled egg before. It looks weird but in a yummy kinda way!

  5. Ellie! I thought I had you in my queue of readers until JUST now! Holy guacamole! I'm sorry! Shoot me an email and I'll send you an invite. I'm SOOOO SORRY!

    P.S. OMG...avocado egg salad!!! YUM! You're getting protein and healthy Omega-3s!!! God...I love avocados.