Friday, February 11, 2011

Skinny Jeans!

So I have been pretty convinced I was going to lose a massive amount of weight for over a couple of years now and as such I have purposefully not bought myself jeans. Since they are expensive and I *expect* to be too small to wear them any time now.

Well ever since I busted through my only pair of jeans I have purposefully avoided wearing pants. I have worn skirts, dresses and leggings for the past week and a half. It has been one of the most comfortable weeks I have ever had! But all good things must come to an end and today I finally ran out of clean clothes.

I have been feeling pretty "skinny" this week so rather then rewearing something dirty I decided to dig into the deep abscess of my closet and excavate a pair of skinny jeans I stowed away many moons ago. I bought these jeans over a year ago as a reward for breaking into the 150s (I was 159.6!). They were a pair of fairly pricy designer jeans (I already told you all about my fashion addiction) cut skinny all the way down the leg.

I wore them happily for a few months before holiday eating and general lack of resolve helped me balloon back up to my original 170 weight. My body seems pretty comfy at 170, I would prefer that number to be around 140 honestly... I tried to wear the jeans a few times at 170, but it was always a battle to put them on in the morning and they ALWAYS cut into my tummy. I could hear the jeans crying out in pain every time I sat down. When a co-worker commented on how they were surprised I wasn't cutting off my circulation by wearing the jeans (how rude is that?!?!) I locked them away in my closet to rot.

But like I mentioned, with a lack of clean pants-less outfits and destroyed "comfy" jeans I dug into my closet to rescue the dreaded "skinny jeans". Mostly as a test, to see how well I was really doing and to my surprise THEY FIT. They fit perfectly, not too snug (well maybe a tad in the thigh but I can't name one piece of clothing other then sweatpants that aren't). I'd have to call this a NSV (Non Scale Victory). I'm excited to fit my skinny jeans from over a year ago, and excited to wear my normal wardrobe again.

Hopefully I will be too skinny for these jeans before I wear a hole in them to. Getting excited for my monday weigh-in. Hope it concurs with my skinny jeans.


  1. Awesome! It's always a nice surprise when you can pull out the clothes you put in that sacred pile and actually fit into them. Good work!

  2. I love it when this happens, especially when it's a perfect fit!