Friday, February 25, 2011

Moving On

Still working on recovering from my 1.8lb gain over the weekend. I know I have been eating right and exercising (well I could be doing more but the weather is just so gross out side). I was pretty positive about the scale reading, not so positive about it being a gain, but positive about getting back on track, because I was able to reduce my vacation gain from 5+ lbs to less then 2 lbs. So that is good - and a goal for the future would be to reduce any gain on a vacation to 0lbs.

Ever since my friction-ful thighs rubbed a hole in my favorite pair of jeans I have been on a dress and leggings kick. Never mind me rubbing a hole in the thigh of my leggings the other day. At least leggings are inexpensive.... But anyways I used some gift money I had left over from x-mas to order some shiny new clothes. Cute little t-shirt dresses. I love how comfortable they are, but they still look a bit fancy and yet effortless. 

I was really excited to pull them out and toss them on. I foresee them getting a lot of wear this season. NSV: That grey dress is a MEDIUM!!!! I can't believe I fit in a medium. Granted the black dress is still a large but it feels great to feel like I'm getting back to a normal size.

I also am loving the fact that my knees are hurting less and I can wear all my cute heels to work again. The past year has been haunted with loafers, and ugg boots.I can't wait to keep on going because the more weight I lose the more I enjoy dressing up and looking nice. People have started to notice too!

I'm super excited for monday, more so then most other weigh-ins I have had in the past 159 here I come! I can't wait to visit, but please know 159 that I fully intend to leave you in the dust for a number that is more supportive. (In case you didn't know 159 is the lowest weight I have been in at least 5 years, and that dreaded number I can't seem to bust through).

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. HOLY WOW!! Look at you!!! Those are some hottie outfits!! No stopping you now!!! ;)

  2. Great outfits! Looking good! Good luck with the weigh in! :)