Monday, February 7, 2011

Weigh in 2/7/11

February 72011
Weight: 164.0 lbs (-3.6)
Body Fat: 35% (+2)
Bust: 38" (0)
Waist: 30.5" (0)
Hips: 40.75" (0)
Bicep: 12" (0)
Thigh: 23.75" (0)
Calf: 15" (0)

Well I don't really know how to take my weigh in this week. I am super excited that I lost 3.6 lbs, thats awesome. For one week?!?! That puts me 4lbs away from my March 12 goal... but I can't help but doubt my results.

I am not too worried about the gain in body fat because I know my scale isn't very accurate and changes in ambient humidity, or my own body hydration changes that number significantly. I am however, curious how I can lose 3.6 lbs in one week and loose no inches anywhere when I lost at least 4" over a month I only lost 4 lbs total. My picture is pretty inconclusive for having lost 3.6 lbs - I feel like that is a big enough number I should notice.

I also ended up taking some of my measurements a couple of times because they ended up being higher then last week (how does that even make sense?!?). I am sure now that I haven't been measuring myself the same way every time. I now marked the exact location of each measurement so I can track my losses better (for instance my calf measurement is at about 4" below my knee).

I mean don't get me wrong I am completely happy with the number I saw today, and can't wait to continue my game plan for this week. But I can't help but be confused as to what exactly is going on in my body when I see data like this. I guess weight loss isn't as cut and dry as people make it out to be.


  1. Maybe you shouldn't take your measurements so often. Remember that weight loss is a S-L-O-W process and it can get really discouraging if you weigh/measure yourself too often. Keep doing the good things that are helping to get your body in shape and don't focus on the numbers so much and it'll keep you on track better. Ya know?

  2. Congrats on your loss. If your scale is accurate or not, it sounds like you are on your way to success!

  3. Congrats on your loss - 3+ lbs is awesome! I don't think I ever lost more than 2.5 lbs in one week. The changes in your perception will come in time. At a heavier weight, it took a lot of pounds to get the inches to come I neared my goal weight, just 3 or 4 lbs made a huge difference in size.

  4. Awesome loss on the scales - that's kicking ass! Cheers, Rick

  5. I agree with everyone else. It'll take time until you probably notice a real difference. Congratulations on another great week!