Monday, February 21, 2011

Weigh In 2/21/11

Well, I'm back from vacation and I have sad news to report:

February 21
162.6 lbs
Body Fat:

I can't say I am surprised by these results. Fitting with my last post-vacation weigh in I gained weight. A 1.8 lb gain is much more manageable then the previous 4.6 lb gain of last vacation. I approached this vacation with damage mitigation in mind. My hopes were not only to maintain my weight but to lose weight in the process. Unfortunently the opposite happened despite my efforts.

I can't be to hard on myself because this time around I am pretty sure I know the reason for my gain, and that was mostly the unpredictability of my schedule. I was unable to plan and eat 3 meals a day and those meals that I did eat were the best I could manage off of resaturates menus that don't necessarily cater to my needs. Sometimes I used snacks like raw nuts (high in fat and calories) or beef jerkey (high in sodium) to keep my hunger at bay while I waited for my next meal, at the time I thought they were good choices (because they were the best I could make given availability) but in retrospect I could have done without them. I also cannot say I did sufficient exercise during the 4 days. And most importantly I did not properly hydrate myself, you can see that in the 3% loss in body fat.

Again my scale is not very accurate about bodyfat because body hydration really effects it, so since I gained weight but lost body mass the only explanation is that over the weekend I had been dehydrating my body.

My pictures are eeeh... I look bloated and puffy, partly because I gained 2 lbs and partly because I didn't pull my bottoms up high enough. But this is not the right direction for things to be going in and they are a sore reminder that I really need to learn how I can maintain my weight loss and lifestyle while on vacation. It just isn't acceptable to expect a gain while you are on vacation. This week is going to be about damage control. I need to be extremely strict about my food and water intake. I know I can lose weight when I do things the right way.

It is important for me to get past 159 because it has been one of those numbers for me where every time I get it, I can't scoot past it. I am ready to not only scoot past it, but leave it in the dust.

I'm ready for a kick-butt rebound week.


  1. 1.8 lbs. is not that bad at all ! You can drop that in a few days !!

    How was you vaca, where did you go, what did you do ? I hope you had FUN !

  2. I went to a convention with my sister. I had a ton of fun but since it was such a social and busy event with many seminars and meetings to make I ended up not getting much time for running to rest rooms (so i drank less) and only ate when I had the chance.

    Not very conducive to weight loss, but you are right 1.8 isn't too terrible, and certainly manageable.

  3. You can totally drop that!!! no worries!!! You did amazing on a vacation where you couldnt plan every detail so be proud mama!!

  4. Don't beat yourself up- it was vacation! You'll get back on track now that you're home.

  5. I agree with everyone else, you'll soon drop the gain and also you'll have added motivation to do it by aiming to get past 159 for good.

  6. 1.8 lbs. gain isn't bad. Make this week your week to take it off :) You can do it!