Monday, January 17, 2011

Weigh In 1/17/11

Let me begin by saying Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun I was out of town visiting family. 4/7 days of the week. Now while I was on vacation I was very particular to follow my diet, I even went for a long 30 min jog during the trip.

Despite my best efforts this weekend my results are disheartening and confusing at best.

January 17 2011
Weight: 171.0 lbs (+4.6)
Body Fat: 35% (0)
Bust: 38.5" (+.5)
Waist: 31.75" (-.25)
Hips: 42.75" (-.25)
Bicep: 12" (0)
Thigh: 23.75" (-.25)
Calf: 15.5" (+.25)

I can't understand a almost 5 lb gain. I expected to only lose maybe a pound, or perhaps stay about even. I followed my diet to the best of my ability. It's difficult when you aren't in charge of preparing your own food but I made good choices when I could. For instance I asked for baked chicken instead of fried chicken, I didn't eat bread, I ate lots of veggies and drank a lot of water. All I can think of is that I ate more cheese then usual, and I didn't eat on my usual eating schedule (perhaps causing over eating). These things should not have produced a 5 lb gain.

This makes me concerned that my success last week was solely water weight and after 4 days I have thrown my body completely off track. The pictures again are inconclusive. I really want to be able to see progress in my pictures, I think I see some smoothing of the folds on my back and the spill over on my hips seems smaller, but it could just be my posture. My measurements just simply confuse me, if I really gained back all my weight how did I lose in my waist hips and thighs? Why did I gain in my calf and bust?

It's hard to see this sort of thing, particularly when I tried really hard to prevent it. I want to stay positive without making excuses for myself. I guess it is a good sign that my body fat did not change. Perhaps I should re-measure and weigh in tomorrow  to confirm results. I am still hoping something went wrong during measuring and weighing. 

Heres to a better week, and putting this past one behind me.

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