Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hate-Loss 2011

Fat Girl Wearing ThinWeek two for me, and I must say this was a very difficult week. I set my weigh-ins up for Monday so that I could start my week off right, see some progress and be happy with myself. However this Monday, (the Monday following a 4 day vacation) I weighed in 5lbs heavier then the week previous. I still can't believe that, and counter productively it set the undertones for my whole week thus far.

Of course my first thoughts when I saw a +5 gain were that I was a failure, useless, lazy ect. But when I sat down and thought about what I did that week, I ate right and even found time to exercise while I was on vacation. It's too bad the scale didn't weigh in the same way I thought it should have, but when it comes down to it I made the right decisions even when people may not have been very supportive and that takes strength, determination and hard-work.

Despite my set back this past week I did notice that instead of saying "forget it" and giving up, or burying my failure in a pile of sweets, after weighing in, I was disappointed but, I walked right down stairs and made myself a healthy breakfast, and continued on my plan for the rest of the day. I had a bad week but I didn't ruin anything that I can't fix.

So I have decided this is my "fixer" week. A chance to fix things that were going wrong and refocus myself. I sat and thought about my goals then, I really attacked myself with compliments in the mirror to encourage myself to keep on trucking. I had a smile from ear to ear when I called myself cute, perky, and athletic. You should try it in the morning, it's amazing how great your mood can be when you start your day off with some encouragement.

And just to keep things positive, last week I talked about a bout I had where I tried to lose weight in a not-so-healthy way. Well here are some pictures I took of that time, it was more than a year ago now and it's not surprising that I look like that first picture again (possibly worse?).

But since I'm feeling strong, determined, hard-working, cute, perky, and athletic this week I am challenging myself to beat these results by doing it the right way, the healthy way. It's only 10 lbs but I like how my body I looked in the October pics. 10lbs in 41 days?  I lost 5lbs my first week, if that means anything it means I CAN DO IT so here we go.

BTW when I go for a jog to get myself to focus I normally pick a phrase and continue to chant it in my head. Normally I stick with "just keep moving" or a simple "1-2-3-4" but this week I tried phrases like "you are worth it"  and "you can do it" and let me tell you. I feel like I can do it because I know I am worth it.


  1. Making this a 'fixer' week likely is the best thing you can do. Hopefully the scales are nicer to you Monday! Cheers, Rick

  2. Congrats! Keep at it. I'm glad to hear things are going better and you're being kind to yourself

  3. You are absolutely right in that it does take determination, strength and hard work when caring for yourself even though others may not be supportive. The fact that you went about your day and didn't let negative thoughts eat away at you is the result of genuine progress. So proud of your efforts, especially the pep talk in the mirror (I'm still having a hard time with that one!)

  4. Hi Ellie!

    I'm new to your blog but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your post.

    I think turning this week into a 'fixer' week is a great positive way to turn round the disappointment of getting a gain. Good luck :)

  5. Oh my goodness :) I can see the changes in your body!!! Keep it up :) You are incredible :)

  6. You can do it :) You can look like you once did, and even more!! You know you can do it... change starts in the heart!!