Monday, January 10, 2011

Weigh In 1/10/11

It has been 7 days since my last weigh in. I have been pretty good about following my diet and drinking a lot of water. I could probably exercise more but I am really trying to make a life change this time and I want to make sure I go slowly so that it sticks. I can't tell you how many diets/exercise plans I have been on that I dove right into and then quit a month later because it got too hard.

I know weight loss isn't easy, and I don't expect it to be. Here are my results from the past 9 days:

January 10 2011
Weight: 166.4 lbs (-5.2)
Body Fat: 35% (-1%)
Bust: 38" (-.5")
Waist: 32" (0)
Hips: 43" (0)
Bicep: 12" (-.75)
Thigh: 24" (0)
Calf: 15.25" (-.25)

My pants fit about the same and despite the scale telling me I lost 5 lbs I don't really see it in my pictures. I'm really glad that I took measurements because it reinforces the fact that I actually did lose. I really hope that this is real fat loss and not water weight, I know the scale I use to measure body fat isn't 100% accurate but I am going to keep positive on this and accept the accomplishment I have made.

I am going to try to use my results this week to motivate me to stay strong next week, because my boyfriend and I are going to visit his family in another state to celebrate the past holidays (I know its late but work and money just wouldn't let it be any sooner). Spending time in the airport and on the road and away from my stash of healthy foods worries me. I told his parents about my diet and hope they respect it and don't make meals or sweets for me that I will have to refuse. I hope I can find a way to stick with my diet while traveling, this is a huge test that I think may be coming too soon. Let's hope not.

To make things worse I sprained my ankle on Sunday during a soccer game. It will probably prevent me from doing much activity this week. Heres hoping I can stay strong and have a good week despite these obstacles.

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