Friday, February 18, 2011


Just wanted to stop in and say that I won't have a chance to read and comment on everyone's blogs because I am on vacation from yesterday to Sunday. I have a really packed schedule but hopefully I will have plenty of time to make good decisions about food. So far so good, it is costing me a lot extra to make those good decisions, (like having to order room service for breakfast) but i'm trying my dangest not to have a repeat of my last vacation.

I am so close to some personal milestones for me, like I mentioned on Monday I'm less than 2 lbs from my lowest weight in 5 years. I also realized that my it will be the lowest weight my current (live-in) boyfriend will have ever seen me as - which is so exciting. That each pound I lose from here on out will be new territory for him, and for me, since let's face it - I have completely forgotten the girl from 5 years ago.

Hope everyone is doing well, will check in on Monday with my weekly weigh in. Fingers crossed for good numbers!