Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Insanity - Day 2

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow....... wow.

First of all let me say I take back what I was saying yesterday about being sore. After sitting at my desk working for 10 hours, my muscles were getting fairly stiff, nothing debilitating, but something closer to the burn I was expecting.

I finished my first *real* insanity work out yesterday and all I can say is wow. You know that burn I was complaining about not having? Well I feel it now, and am 100% sure I will be super sore come work out time today.

This workout was called "Plyometric Cardio Circuit." The workout was 42 minutes, it started with a nice 5 minute warm-up which quickly turned into a 10 minute cardio routine, then a short break followed by a refreshing 7 minute stretch. After the stretch we jumped right into the actual cardio circuit with 9 minutes of intense squats, jumps, mountain climbers, with short breaks in between sets. Then what was quite possibly the worst 9 minutes of my life (well not really but boy was it tough) which consisted of push ups, and jumps and planks, with breaks between sets.

I was literally crying during those 9 minutes. My body was super drained and as much as I wanted to push and make myself do the moves I just couldn't do it. I even ended up scraping my knee on the carpet and re-injuring a hurt toe trying to do this part of the workout. I was disappointed in myself because I really, really, REALLY wanted to do the exercises. I guess it gives me room to grow, but I can't help but feel bad about my performance during this part of the circuit. It took all I had to just keep moving, I just simply couldn't do the moves they wanted.

The workout wrapped up with a quick 2 minutes of boxing style jabs and uppercuts and then a final 3 minutes of cool-down stretching (which felt AMAZING).

I was dripping sweat after this workout, and so was my more-fit boyfriend. He also struggled on the last part so it makes me feel a bit better. I now  understand why everyone says Insanity is so difficult, but I have nothing better to do while I am stranded in the hotel, and honestly I'm up for the challenge. I want to complete this just to say that I have, and to prove to myself that I can.

Today is "Cardio and Power Resistance" I will see how this workout compares to yesterday.


  1. My energy was drained just reading that! Wow, that's a crazy work out. Good luck with cardio and power resistance!

  2. Those workouts sound crazy - I guess Insanity is an appropriate name!

  3. Wow, you go girl! i have considered ordering this, but will do it in about a month when I can work through the more simple ones I have. Keep me posted on how it goes and you will probably inspire me to go INSANE! ;)

  4. I hate when I'm so excited to do a work out and i end up hurting myself.