Friday, June 24, 2011

Insanity - Week 3

By now I have already done all of the workout in the first part of Insanity at least once, many I am on my 3rd or 4th go around. Every time I do them I feel like I improving my form, or speed, or endurance.

This past week I had an add on routine called "Cardio Abs" it is a 15-20 minute routine that is meant to be done in addition to another workout. Normally "Pure Cardio" which sucks because I don't feel like doing anything other then passing out after "Pure Cardio" but "Cardio Abs" is a nice routine that focuses on your abs and obliques without any situps. Most of the exercises fixate on keeping your core tight in a plank or sitting position and raising your legs (using your core) its fairly difficult and after doing it for the first time a couple of days ago my abs are still sore from it. But I think I love it =). Something about that burn a few days after a routine reminds me how hard I worked and about the results I will see.

Also last Monday I had my second fit test. My results were:

Switch Kicks : 71    (+12)
Power Jacks : 39      (-5)
Power Knees : 70    (+15)
Power Jumps : 40     (+7)
Globe Jumps : 10     (+1)
Suicide Jumps : 10   (-2)
Push Up Jacks : 14   (+3)
Low Plank Obliques : 48  (+4)

Not bad. A bit disappointed in my power jacks and suicide jumps. I feel like those should not have been less, because if anything I have been getting stronger (just look at the other exercises for proof). If I had to try and explain why I would probably say that I was focusing on form and pacing myself and not on getting the best number I could.

The first week I just saw the exercise and did it until I couldn't anymore. This time I knew what the movement should feel like when done right and focused on that and possibly did not push hard enough to get those extra reps. Next fit test I will know better and just go all out.

So far I have been doing pretty good keeping up with the program. Ever since I got home it has been difficult to find time to do my routines. Now that I am home I have dogs to care for, dinner to cook, chores to take care of. It's a lot of work and it's hard to sneak away for an hour to do a workout. I have been making it work though. Since I got home I have only missed one work out, which I intend to make up later this week.

I thought it would be easy once I got home since my boyfriend was doing the workouts with me, but he gave up after the first week. Which makes me feel awesome for sticking with it, but also bummed that I lost my work out buddy. I guess I just have to be my own buddy - like I have been for the past 6 months.

I have a little less then 2 weeks of phase 1 left. Then I have a recovery week (a lot of stretching and yoga for core and blance) and then enter 4 weeks of phase 2 "Insanity - Max". I am not going to lie, I am a bit worried about phase 2. I am considering extending phase 1 for another month since I still struggle with phase 1 moves, but we will see.

So on and so forth. Can't wait to see my body transform - I'm still waiting.


  1. I think your fit test results look great! Especially since you're paying more attention to form.

    Sorry about losing your workout buddy.

  2. Check out those stats! Excellent stuff!

  3. Hey there!! New follower here!! Amazing results on your fit test!! Congrats!!

    I've tried Insanity twice and both times quit after phase 1. I think I was in a bit over my head and phase 2 scared me. I actually did what you are thinking about doing and continued phase 1 into my second month and still saw an awesome change. I actually still try to incorporate Cardio Abs into my work outs now :)