Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day = Bikini Season?

So memorial day marks the unofficial beginning of summer. Covers come off of grills (yummy!), covers come off of pools, and cover-ups come off of millions of bikini-clad ladies world wide.

Will I be joining this endless barrage of women choosing to bear all (well most) for the public this summer?

Short answer: No.

At least not yet. While I, and I am sure many of you have all seen people frolicking on the beach or in the pool in a suit clearly too small for them, I refuse to be that person. I probably have nothing to worry about, but I am just not comfortable with the way I look in a bikini to choose to wear that out in public.

That's not to say that I will not be wearing a suit at all. Last year I didn't, I was so embarrassed I basically avoided any situation that would require me to wear a suit... This year I will stick to my trusty tankini, at least for now. As a confidence boosting exercise.

I am already leaps and bounds more confident about my body and the way I look, but there is nothing like feeling naked (unzipped) in front of strangers to make you want to shape up. Maybe I messed up last week, maybe I didn't (The scale read 151 this morning, which is technically the last day of the month, so maybe I did get an entire month with no gain, also 151 marks 20lbs down since January, but I'll wait until an official weigh-in to report all that) but I'm ready to kick this into high gear.

Maybe I will dawn my bikini in public this year after all.

P.S. I just wanted to thank Trisha for awarding the "Adorable Blogger Award" and Headspace for the "Stylish Blogger Award". I will have to make a post about them later!


  1. Cover ups should totally be coming off... just my opinion. But I know you want to feel 150% confident... I think you are almost there. ;)

    And you totally deserve it!!

  2. You've been kicking butt this year, shaping up and looking fab - when you feel ready, get out there and strut your stuff! I know the feeling - except that since I was in middle school, I've never gone outside in the summer in anything less than jeans. Wouldn't want anyone to see my legs! I've made a lot of progress this year and I'm thinking a huge NSV would be to wear a swimsuit in public - a one piece, too much loose skin for two pieces, but still, that would be huge for me.

  3. You really have been doing fabulous this year, Ellie. I was just going over my monthly challenge post that's coming up, reading your progresses month after month and you are outshining yourself. You have a STRONG, capable body that would rock the hell out of any swimsuit!