Saturday, June 11, 2011

Insanity - Day 5

"Pure Cardio" more like "Pure Insanity."

This workout was by and far the most difficult. Much like "Plyometrics" and "Cardio Circuit" its a 40 minute workout with a 10 minute warmup. However for some reason this warmup was more of a wear down, and really set the mood for the rest of the workout. I was tired and winded within the first 6 minutes. After the warmup was a much needed stretch, and then a water break. Then straight into intense cardio moves like football sprints, suicides, and some various jump squats. Unlike "Plyometrics" and "Cardio Circuit" the exercises are not split up by intermediate breaks. It ends up being about 25 minutes straight of cardio sprints, jumps, pushups and boxing jabs. Then a final stretch at the end.

I honestly feel like I spent more time trying to catch my breath or encourage my body to keep going then I actually spent working out. I was sweating and know my heart rate was elevated, but I'm worried I didn't work hard enough - yet again. And yes my sore muscles from the first 4 days probably didn't help the situation, but honestly I felt my heartbeat getting way to high and think if I was wearing a heartbeat monitor it would have told me to stop too. Perhaps I should get one, so that I can make sure that I am not working too hard and keeping my heart rate in the right zone.

I thought this workout was odd because you watch the videos and you are struggling to keep up, and these extremely fit people working out all around him have to keep taking breaks to drink or rest because they are worn out. I also spoke to a few of my soccer teammates who have done the workouts and they have all admitted that they gave the program up after the first couple of weeks or the first month because it was too intense and they simply could not continue. It makes me feel a bit better about my own performance through out these videos, even though I am no where near as fit as them, but it also makes me really determined to finish it.

Today is "Plyometrics" again. We will see if it is any easier the second time around.

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