Monday, June 6, 2011

Weigh In 6/6/11

I will not be weighing in today... because my scale and my wall, and my bikini are 
2100 miles away!

So this probably isn't the sort of "Weigh In" post that you expect from me but sometimes life gets in the way of our hopes and dreams and goals and this is no exception. I sort of alluded to this week in my last "Weigh In" post when I mentioned some obstacles I would have to face this month.

Sometimes my job requires me to do "on site" work, which normally means about a week away from home in a hotel room eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and having no soccer or time for the gym. In the past I have gone on these one week site visits and come home 5 or 10 lbs heavier. 7 days of fast food and eating out *usually on the company* will do that - take my word for it. And this month, I am scheduled for an unusual 2 (or maybe even 3 depending on how things go) weeks on site clear across the country from home. How will I ever maintain, let alone lose weight while I am away from my routine, healthy meals, and exercise plans?

Over the past 5 months I have been doing so great, I have been teetering on the cusp of breaking my 20lb weight loss benchmark and blowing past my 150s and into the 140s (a place I probably haven't been since middle school). I really want to get there, and I have been so worried these past couple of weeks leading up to this trip I started to stress eat... a horrible lapse in judgment that I haven't given into in 5 months.

But here I am 2100 miles away from home hoping, trying and praying that I can make weightloss work, even if I am out of my element. I have already made some changes to the usual routine including requesting a fridge in my hotel room, and I went to the grocery store to get food stuffs for lunches, snacks, breakfasts and dinner. Sure it isn't as ritzy as writing off a crabcake dinner with a cocktail on the side and a slice of cheesecake to work, but when it comes down to it I would rather reach my goals that I have been working so hard towards then get a free meal any day.

And as a *early* 20lb weight loss gift my my boyfriend got me the "Insanity" workouts to do while I am away on travel. I have been seeing infomercials all over the TV and ads on websites and facebook and was really interested in trying it. He is even doing the work outs with me from home, so when I get back we can compare results and do them together.

I did my first workout tonight (a fit test). I will post the results in a different post since this one is getting super long. If you are interested in trying the workouts keep in touch, because I intend to leave updates on my progress along the way.


  1. You'll do fine! Just make sure you're being physical and choose "healthier meals" and then cut whatever the meal is in half (or a quarter...if you "splurge"). Do that and enjoy yourself. I know of a lot of bloggers who lose when they're away! You can be one of 'em.

    Lord knows I aim to be one, too, when I go away in August! We want to be fit more than anything. Remember that! Don't give in to temptation! You'll only regret it when you come back from being 2100 miles away. :)

  2. Do any of the hotels you stay in have a gym or maybe near places you could walk to i.e. a park so you can do some exercise in your spare time?

  3. Tim - most hotels have a small exercize room and even a pool in them. The biggest issue with the exercise is not having the time to do it. I put in some rough 10/11 hour days, and barely have time to do anything when i get back to the room, and it is normally too dark to do outside things. But part of weight maintainance is making it work no matter what, that is why i have the Insanity workout routine cds, i can do them in my room real quick right before bed.

    Hopefully things work out for me this trip. I would hate to get home after 2 weeks and see no loss, or even a gain. Then that would be 2 weeks wasted!