Thursday, June 9, 2011

Insanity - Day 3

Day 3 workout is called "Cardio & Power Resistance".

Much like the format of the first workout it was a 40 minute workout that started with a quick 8 or so min cardio workout and warmup, then a nice 5 minute stretch and then about 20 or so minutes of all sorts of jumps, squats and push ups and then a 4 minute cool down.

All the kinesthetics in this workout make the "Power Resistance" an appropriate name for this workout. However, after doing it I am more convinced the "Power Resistance" comes from your brain.... "I know how much you would like to do that push up Ellie, but I simply won't let you do it." I think it would really help me to have a partner next to me, or someone (like a personal trainer) there to push me to keep going when my brain/body wants to stop. I feel like I have a skinny Ellie on one shoulder urging "Keep going, you can do it, you must push through" and a overweight unhealthy Ellie on the other shoulder saying "You did enough, that will do, you can stop now." I want to push that unhealthy Ellie off my shoulder and out of my head, that is one of my goals in doing these workouts.

During this workout I once again failed to keep up with the video once they started doing arm exercises, like push ups, and running push ups, and triceps dips. I can really see where my body needs improvement. I suppose this is to be expected, I mean I use my legs every day to walk, climb stairs, play soccer and carry my own body weight, but my arms are swiftly typing on a computer or grasped firmly on the wheel of my car... I think it would be nice to get some muscle to my arms, I keep noticing in my progress pics that they haven't really been going anywhere.

Like yesterday I was dripping sweat after my workout, I wasn't nearly as out of breath, but there was also less cardio this workout. I was a bit stiff going into the workout, but after a warm up and a stretch I hardly noticed. After the workout I was a bit shaky and weak feeling, but recovered quickly. Also, I really regretted working out so soon after dinner, my stomach was very unsettled and I felt I was going to yak at any moment while jumping and bouncing around.

Today is "Cardio Recovery" day. I'd like to think that sounds like a nice relaxing workout, but given the first two workouts I am not going to get my hopes up at all. I will let you know how my recovery goes.


  1. Insane. Then again, isn't that how that workout got its name?! Or because you have to be suffering from insanity to do the workout?! LOL! I'm teasing! Wishing you the best of luck today. Hopefully "Unhealthy Ellie" leaves you alone and you can power house through todays workout routine.

  2. I can't do jumping jacks....they make me pee my pants.