Monday, June 13, 2011

Insanity - Day 8

Cardio & Power Resistance day. I think that this is my favorite workout so far (maybe aside from Recovery). I think I like it best because its split up into a lot of small water breaks and I always feel like I have the energy left to push through.

The jumps are pretty fun for me, however exhausting. I did notice that I was doing a lot better with the push ups section this time too.

I have been working the crazyist hours during this work trip and have not gotten much sleep, and despite bringing my lunch and choosing only salads or diet healthy foods I really think the food is getting to me. I feel really sapped for energy, it took me a lot to get through the workout. (Not as much as on Friday though, Friday was just brutal. I guess it helps that I had a "Rest Day" yesterday so I didn't have to push so hard.

I want to say sorry to all my friends who I follow for not commenting much this past week or so, but between 12 hour work days, 2 hour commute, 1 hr dinner in a restaurant and my 45 min workout I hardly have any free time to catch up with the goings ons in other people's lives. I hope to remedy that in the next few days because I get to go home on Friday!

Can't wait! Tomorrow is "Pure Cardio" that one sucked. Not looking forward to it - also I really have to stop eating so late (its hard with these stupid hours) but doing these workouts on a full stomach is like a recipe for disaster. I always feel like utter doo afterwards.

Bed for me! I took some measurements this morning, not sure if I should post them or not since I had like a 5 hour hike yesterday that could have dehydrated me. I just want to be sure that any loss wasn't just water weight. I would feel soo much more comfortable if I just had my scale with me.

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  1. Good luck with everything! Sounds like you are staying on top of it!

    I do P90X and I LOVE how strong I feel afterwards!